1 – Importance of the Application Essay

What can an excellent essay do for you?

An excellent essay can separate your application from other candidates who are very similar to you .A winning essay that presents you with vitality, originality and focus can bring you to life in the critical but very short time your application is actually being discussed by admissions officers. In close admissions cases, one “winning” asset can tip the balance. That asset can be given substance and voice in the essay.

An excellent essay can focus your entire application: a well prepared application often has a theme– a central idea to which all your answers to all of the application questions contribute. Such themes are rooted in the facts of your background, upbringing, achievements and personality. An application with a convincing , personal, original and well- documented “theme” can be a tremendous advantage.


An excellent essay? NOT!

Certain essay ideas can be harmful to your college admission application: Don’t be vulgar or tasteless. Beware of last minute inspiration. Brilliant ideas often come to you camouflaged as a deadline inspiration which you then write in a burst of misdirected enthusiasm, send off, and never look at again. The resulting essay is often a miscast or opaque satire, a whining or angry personal narrative , or something just plain confused. An angry, silly, or puzzling essay can be fatal.


Bad essay, good start

By the way, a bad essay can be a good start. It may contain the seed of a valuable idea. Unfortunately, without revisions and a careful eye, it won’t be read that way. A good essay requires thought and personal reflection.

*These tips were written by Cambridge Essay Service.