Financial Aid

The information on the following pages will give the reader a great deal of insight into the financial aid process. Scroll down and use the table of contents to help navigate through the information. Just click on the highlighted titles to read about the topics that interest you.

1 – General Information

Student Eligibility, Financial Need, Dependency Status, Applying and forms needed (FAFSA and PROFILE), Special Circumstances, Withdrawals, Deadlines, and Federal Student Aid Information Center.

2 – Federal Student Aid at a Glance
What it is, Who gets it, and How you get it.

3 – Types of Student Aid
Federal Pell Grants, Direct and FFEL Stafford Loans, Parent Plus Loans, Campus Based Programs (FSEOG, Work Study, Perkins Loan)

4 – Let New York’s TAP Help You Pay For College
Who is eligible, amounts, how to apply.

5 – Additional Resources
Websites that can give additional information