Jason Laz
Communications Specialist

We believe that our school district is at its best when we work with parents, students and community members. This is achieved through open, two-way communication. To support this, the Troy City School District offers many ways for you to stay connected and join the conversation.

You can always get involved by attending PTO or Board of Education meetings. But you can also find the latest school news and learn about upcoming events on our website and social networks.


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Communications / Opt-out Policy

Designated Directory Information: The school district designates personally identifiable information contained within a student’s education record as “directory information” (which is defined by The Enlarged City School District of Troy as student’s name and address) and shall release the information without prior written consent unless it is for commercial purposes.

Student directory information may be released for publicity purposes to the media or other organizations and/or used in district publications or on the official district website.

Parents/guardians who object to the release of their child’s directory information should notify in writing both the superintendent of schools and their child’s building principal.

Please note: A photograph, video, or recording is not considered “directory information.” However, they may also be used without prior written consent in programs or to provide information or publicity for an activity, the student, schools, and/or District. If you object to allowing the use of your student’s photograph, video, or recording, you must notify the building principal.

Please click here for the Do-Not-Release Media Form.