ACT Test

The ACT is one of the two entrance tests that most colleges will use in the admissions process. A student can take the ACT with the writing component or the ACT with no writing. You should check with the colleges that you are interested in and ask which version they prefer. It may be on their web page or in the literature that they sent you in the mail. Your counselor has a Conversion Table that compares your ACT results to your SAT results. The Chart at the bottom of the page compares the two tests for you. We give the ACT at Troy High in October, December and June. Seniors need to register early in September and October and Juniors need to register early in May to avoid late registration fees. Unlike the SAT, the company who developed the test, only recommends that a student take the test 1 time. The reason for this is that with the scoring system of 1 – 36 and the fact that that wrong or deleted answers are not used negatively, the student’s score will not change much , if at all.

We recommend that all students attempt both the ACT and the SAT. Since colleges will accept the highest score from either test, it is in the student’s best interest to try both tests. The formats of the two tests are slightly different and some students seem to do better on one then the other. Since it is difficult to predict on which format a student will perform better, we recommend that each student takes one ACT and at least two SAT’s.


Differences at a glance

No science section Science reasoning section
No trigonometry section Math sections include trigonometry
Vocabulary emphasized Vocabulary less important
Non multiple choice questions included Entirely multiple choice
Guessing penalty No guessing penalty
No English grammar English grammar tested
Math accounts for 50% of your score Math accounts for 25% of your score
Questions go from easy to hard in most sections Easy and hard questions mixed within sections
All of your SAT scores reported to colleges Report scores only from the test dates you choose

If you would like to link to the Web Site for the ACT, click on this button labeled ACT. You will get test dates, registration information, sample questions, and much more information.


Conversion Table

ACT Composite Score Prior to 2005 SAT Current SAT
36 1600 2400
35 1560-1590 2340
34 1510-1550 2260
33 1460-1500 2190
32 1410-1450 2130
31 1360-1400 2040
30 1320-1350 1980
29 1280-1310 1920
28 1240-1270 1860
27 1210-1230 1820
26 1170-1200 1760
25 1130-1160 1700
24 1090-1120 1650
23 1060-1080 1590
22 1020-1050 1530
21 980-1010 1500
20 940-970 1410
19 900-930 1350
18 860-890 1290
17 810-850 1210
16 760-800 1140
15 710-750 1060
14 660-700 1000
13 590-650 900
12 520-580 780
11 500-510 750