Enhanced security in building entry beginning 2/24

The Troy City School District is pleased to announce that we will begin using the Raptor Technologies Visitor Management System in all of our schools to strengthen the security for our students and faculty. We will begin rolling out the technology in our schools after Winter Break. Upon entering a district building, visitors will be asked to present an ID. The Raptor system will check to ensure that registered sexual offenders are not entering our school campuses without our knowledge. 

Important traffic update

Please refrain from double-parking. The Troy Police Department has received an uptick in complaints from residents in the neighborhoods of some of our buildings regarding vehicles that are double-parking, blocking driveways and, in some cases, parking on sidewalks. As an urban school district, we do understand there is very limited parking, but please be aware that these actions not only significantly and adversely affect local traffic and buses, but they’re also illegal.

Troy CSD voters approve $56m Building Modernization Project

Troy CSD voters approve $56m Building Modernization Project

On December 3, residents in the Troy City School District voted in favor of authorizing a $56 million capital project that will include necessary upgrades to nearly every building in the District as well as the purchase of an additional building. The “Troy City School District Building Modernization Project” will be financed without impacting the current tax levy.