Several Troy students were selected to be part of the 2023 New York State Art Teachers Assocation exhibit at the New York State School Boards Association convention in Buffalo last month. Art teachers chose student work from the 2022-2023 school year to be included in the exhibit. You can see our Troy artist’s selected works in the slideshow above, or you can view the full slideshow here.

Congratulations to the following students on having their work selected to be part of the NYSATA NYSSBA Exhibit!

Ajuah Jargboh, Grade 8 (Ms. Schwartz)
Ruaqiya Umar Mukhtar, Grade 8 (Ms. Schwartz)
Hazel Kereszi-Lynn, Grade 6 (Ms. Hinkson)
Sophia Dyer, Grade 6 (Ms. Hinkson)
Jordanielys Robles Collazo, Grade 6 (Ms. Hinkson)
Amani Figueroa, Grade 5 (Ms. Goodwill)
Madison Johnson, Grade 5 (Ms. Jones)
Kenysha Alicea, Grade 3 (Ms. Jones)
Iqbal Mukhtar, Grade 2 (Ms. Jones)
Shaelyn Bates, Grade 12 (Ms. DiDonna-Nethaway)
Jonah Flanagan, Grade 12 (Ms. DiDonna-Nethaway)
Aaliah Barreto, Grade 11 (Ms. DiDonna Nethaway)
Christiana Monroe, Grade 5 (Ms. Himes)
Josiah Tucker, Grade 3 (Ms. Himes)
Liana Harper, Grade 5 (Ms. Himes)
Emma Colvett, Grade 2 (Ms. Lane)
Vanessa Patrick, Grade 1 (Ms. Lane)
Sky Biddle, Grade 1 (Ms. Lane)