Please see the information below from Lloyd Studio regarding scheduling senior portraits.

Dear Parents,

Congratulations. Your child is entering their senior year of high school…with all the excitement and energy that brings!  At the Lloyd Studio, we’ve been capturing this wonderful time for thousands of Troy High School seniors and their
parents for over 75 years. Now it’s your child’s turn!

We will be photographing the Troy High seniors starting in July. The studio sitting is usually 20-25 minutes, and is dependent on the type of sitting chosen. Please review the attached information, which offers clothing suggestions and also offers information
on the types of sittings available.

On June 7th and June 9th, from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm, Lloyd Studio will be in the cafeteria to schedule senior portraits. If you miss us at school, please contact the Studio at 518-272-5902 to schedule your appointment.

Congratulations again on this wonderful achievement. Capture the excitement and anticipation of this event with a professional senior portrait. As times change and move forward, you will have a beautiful photo to cherish. Please call or email to schedule
their senior portrait sitting today.

Thank you,

Valarie J. Lloyd
Owner, The Lloyd Studio
2231 Fifteenth Street, Troy, New York 12180
Phone—(518) 272-5902

Sitting information

Environmental (Sitting fee $80): This sitting offers both the traditional five head and shoulder poses and will be taken on the day and time shown on the appointment sheet. The environmental portion of this sitting will provide 20 contemporary posts outdoors to achieve a natural and relaxed look in your portraits and will be photographed by appointment only. (For the environmental portion, you must reserve your sitting time)

Deluxe (Sitting fee $50): This sitting offers the best of both worlds. It includes the traditional head and shoulder poses and five contemporary poses tailored to your own taste. You may also bring some items you would like to be photographed with, such as a musical instrument, athletic equipment, etc. Pets are welcome. This ten-pose sitting can include a change of outfit.

Regular (Sitting fee $35): For those who prefer the regular look, this sitting includes five poses, all head and shoulder.

Some helpful hints:

  1. All chosen poses are retouched to remove lines and blemishes; however, NOTHING IS RETOUCHED ON THE HAIR OR FACIAL SHADOWS. This can be done digitally at additional cost, so check yourself before you leave the dressing room.
  2. Check the dress code of your particular school. Most schools require the guys to wear a jacket, dress shirt and tie in the pose appearing in the yearbook. We have some shirts, jackets and ties available.
  3. For the GUYS – Make sure you have a fresh shave and haircut at least one week old. We all love sun but please stay out of it a few days prior to your sitting.
  4. For the GIRLS – Wear your makeup as you normally would but avoid highlighting makeup. Stay away from strapless tops; if you desire, we provide a drape.

Other important information:

  • Sitting fees are payable by cash or check at the time of the sitting; a price list will be included with your proofs for purchasing portraits.
  • There is no additional charge for your yearbook photo – it is included in your sitting fee.
  • Sitting style may be decided at the time of the sitting.
  • All proofs are the property and copyright of the Lloyd Studio and must not be reproduced or mutilated.
  • All proofs must be returned to Lloyd Studio by the agreed date.

A flyer from Lloyd Studio is attached.