The TMS Girls Modified Basketball Team completed their 2022-2023 season without a loss.


A huge congratulations goes out to our Modified Girls Basketball team on finishing their season UNDEFEATED!

From the beginning of the season, Coaches Amanda and George Monxhwedey challenged their team on and off the court. They held their players to high academic standards and always reminded them of the importance of putting academics first. The team quickly became a family, and they worked hard to hold each other accountable in class.

On the court, Coaches Monxhwedey & Monxhwedey challenged their players with small goals like effectively executing plays and once they were mastered, adding them to the playbook. The team was resilient all season when faced with strong opposing defenses.

A unique facet of the team this year was top scorers and individual points were not shared with the players to emphasize the goal of working together and producing TEAM wins. The starting lineup changed each game to give everyone the opportunity to improve and contribute.

“We believe the undefeated season came from the teamwork mindset instilled and bought in by our players early on,” said Coach Amanda Monxhwedey. “We awarded players with trophies and certificates for their accomplishments this season and hopefully helped mold their mindsets to continue their student-athlete careers in the future.”

Congratulations again to our TMS Modified Girls Basketball team!

1 – Isabella Sano
2 – Jane Degnan
3 – Leeasia Gordon
4 – Shai’onna Robertson
5 – Adrianna Ramirez
10 – Ryan Maloney
11 – Lilliana Smith
12 – Nyziah Gordon
13 – Annalyse Alarcon
21 – Gabriella Hansen
22 – KaleighAna Harris
23 – Zayonna Dorsey
32 – Natalie Ostrowski