On May 20, students from School 12 had a chance to try their hand at Firefighting.  Fire Chief Eric McMahon – a Troy High School graduate – explained how he got into firefighting, the dangers and joys of the job, the biggest fire he’s seen, and the local firefighters who aided in the rescue during 9/11 in New York City. Students had the opportunity to use the hoses and see what it is like to try to extinguish a fire in the dark by entering a simulation room.  Students finished the day by seeing where most of the firefighters’ family bond is built by eating in their dining area and talking about the experience of the day.

We at school 12 enjoyed a great day and couldn’t be more thankful for such great people who take on one of the most noble and courageous professions.

Student in fire gear picking up a fire hose Student in fire gear Student sitting in a firetruck Female students in fire gear Firefighters and a student in fire gear Students and firefighters in front of fire truck