Last week, Carroll Hill School welcomed visiting administrators from the Glens Falls City School District to their STEM Day. Students and staff demonstrated the various STEM related activities they’re working on Glens Falls teachers learning about STEM days from Troy studentso that the visitors could bring the concepts back to Glens Falls.

Glens Falls CSD Director of Technology Paul Streicher said he first learned of the Troy CSD STEM days during NERIC’s Technology Awareness Day in December where School 18 students shared their projects. Now, he and his team are looking to incorporate the instruction and the embedded professional development into classrooms in their district.

“It’s been really great to see how excited the students are about it and how independently they are doing it when given the opportunity,” said Streicher. “We have a couple of elementary teams that are going to try it out and some instructional coaches that will help us tie in the curriculum form their reading and writing work.”

Troy CSD Director of Technology Erin Sheevers led the tours through the classrooms at Carroll Hill School and said the visitors got to witness the excitement and engagement in every room.

Troy CSD Director of Technology working with student on Chromebook“We have by far some of the greatest technology around,” said Sheevers. “We have top-of-the-line robotics equipment in all the classrooms, that along with the Chromebook, iPads and everything else…it really just gives the kids additional learning opportunities they might not otherwise have.”