What is the Troy Booster Club?

Troy Booster Club, Inc. is a not-for-profit organization formed to raise money for clubs which engage DMS and THS youth in visual and performing arts, sports, cultural diversity and citizenship.  The Troy Booster Club believes that all of these activities are essential to fostering leadership qualities in today’s youth.  Troy Booster Club members value a well-rounded educational experience.


What does TBC actually do?

TBC organizes working committees as needed to focus on individual fundraising events or on the business of the club.  Members meet according to the attached schedule, September through June, to conduct business and evaluate funding requests.  Members take part in the following activities:

  1. Organizing, managing and providing volunteer support and event coordination for fundraising activities
  2. Raising unrestricted funds for distribution by the BC
  3. Raising designated funds in partnership with specific clubs/teams
  4. Evaluating requests for funds from clubs/teams
  5. Dispersing funds to clubs/teams
  6. Promoting attendance at THS and DMS team/club events
  7. Advocating for funding at the district level for student activities


Who attends TBC meetings?

All concerned parents, teachers, staff, faculty, coaches, PTO and PTA members, administrators, students, and supporters of THS and DMS are welcome to be TBC members by attending meetings and joining in volunteer activities.  Membership is unlimited and there is no membership fee.  TBC has an elected Board of Directors.


Who is the TBC Board of Directors?

TBC elects ten members to the Board of Directors annually.  Although all club members are encouraged to comment on each request, the board of ten must make the official approval according to TBC bylaws.  Any member who demonstrates commitment to TBC meetings and activities can be considered for election to the board.  TBC also elects six officers annually, President, Vice President, Secretary and Assistant Secretary, Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer. These volunteers may be members of the Board of Directors but it is not required that they be.


Who does TBC raise money for?

TBC raises funds to assist DMS and THS clubs, teams and other organizations in providing activities which enhance the educational experience of DMS and THS students.  These can include sports teams, cultural and performing arts activities and clubs.


How does TBC raise money?

TBC members brainstorm fundraising activities to match identified needs.  Members contribute a wide variety of logistical and professional resources to the fundraising efforts.  A schedule is mapped out early in the school year which includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Mailings and campaigns
  • Fundraising events ( golf tournaments, concerts, etc.)
  • Concession sales at athletic and performance events
  • Grant requests to private foundations and government agencies
  • 50/50 raffles at sports and cultural events
  • Coordinated efforts with specific teams and clubs
  • Coordinated efforts with local businesses (Hoffman car wash, etc.)