Executive Summary, School 2 Quarterly Report

School 2 has been actively working to implement strategies to ensure all students reach proficiency. The attainment of a highly qualified leader, based on training and experience, has primed School 2 for turnaround. The district developed a transition plan in which the current principal was phased into the position, which allowed for a year mentorship, from the previous interim principal as well as allowed her to become acquainted with most aspects of the role of principal. All faculty and staff participated in a five day professional development session that focused on: school climate and culture, School 2 vision and mission, unpacking ELA Common Core Standards and Efficacy. In addition to summer PD, students are released early one Friday out of the month so that all faculty and staff can continue to participate in further professional development/Professional Learning Community work. Teachers are provided with a 1 hour and 15 minute, uninterrupted, planning block one day a week; as well as common preparatory periods daily to analyze data, reflect on practice and to create strategies and meaningful feedback to improve student and teacher performance. School 2 has been working to design Common Core aligned assessments that will provide information of how students are progressing towards grade level proficiency. School 2 has implemented a unique Extended Learning Time. Unlike the rest of the Troy City School District elementary buildings who end the student school day at 2:05, School 2 students all end the school day at 3:00. This allows for an extension of the instructional time specifically intervention. Additionally, beginning in October 2015, School 2 is offering a three day a week, one and a half hours per day after school program. During the after school program both targeted intervention and Project Based Learning will enhance academic skills and motivation. This after school program option is available for all students, but not mandatory. Through strong turnaround leadership, targeted professional development and Extended Learning Time, we are confident that School 2 will reach all targets.