At TMS our 21st Century Afterschool activities are aimed at giving students opportunities for academic enrichment, creativity, project based learning, all while helping to build character within our students. All activities are driven by local and federal learning standards, while offering a variety of non-traditional teaching styles. Our overarching goal is to prepare students to be well rounded and successful beyond their years at TMS.


Tutoring and Academic Enrichment

This session will feature group tutoring, study skills as well as academic enrichment in content areas. Students who attend this group are assigned to one of two homework rooms that focus on either English Language Arts/Social Studies or Math/Science. Embedded in this group are core subject teachers, teaching assistants, and Troy High School Student Tutors. This group will meets Monday-Thursday.

Computer Skills

Students in computer skills will learn, review, and practice basic, intermediate, and advanced educational and social technology skills.

Beginner topics covered include Gmail, Google Drive, accessing folders on a PC, and basic typing technique
Intermediate include collaboration and sharing with Google Drive, as well as intermediate typing for speed
Advanced skills include Excel/Google Sheets, video editing, and advanced typing for both speed and accuracy

Students will also explore current events and pilot new educational apps and websites for use in other classes.

Foreign Language

Students learn basic spoken and written language skills in either Spanish or Italian. Our foreign language classes are taught by Troy High School teachers.

Game Design

Led by a skilled individual from The Art Center, this group provides students with hands-on skills in video game design. Students work in one of the TMS Computer Labs to develop their own game.

Team Building

This club strives to develop the character of the participants by encourage students to work cooperatively on a number of projects.

Teen Talk

This activity provides students with the opportunity to discuss a variety of topics that are age appropriate addressing the various issues faced in society today, in a small group setting led by certified counselor’s member through St. Anne. Topics may include healthy relationships, self-esteem and peer pressure.

HOPE Group

Helping Other People Everywhere is a powerful club that meets on Tuesdays from 3:15 to 5:30pm. You as a parent or student might wonder how much difference a child or youth can make as a volunteer. The simplest service projects can make a huge difference in someone’s life, and as a result your child will learn invaluable lessons along the way. The leaders in this club help guide the students pick organizations to help as well as choose and organize various projects they can complete. Projects are age appropriate and safe for the children to complete with the supervision of the leaders.


Students are bused each Tuesday to Troy TKD, located at 615 Pawling Avenue. This weekly class will teach students basic TKD skills and concepts, along with gaining coordination, strength, and flexibility.


Robotics Club provides students with the opportunity to experience the exciting world of Lego Robotics through fascinating and educational hands-on projects. The goal of the club is to expose students to the fundamentals of problem solving, robot design and project building in an educational inclusive environment. The club is open to students in grades 6-8. No previous technical background in engineering or design is required.

Boys II Men

Boys ll Men is a program created to uplift , encourage, build self esteem, confidence, accountability, self motivation and other positive attributes in the young boys participating in the program. This will be accomplished through activities such a personal growth development sessions, guest speakers, outdoor hands on activities, book reading and discussions about growing up and becoming a responsible, respectable man.

Cooking Around the World

Led by Miss Patty this group focuses on teaching students cooking basics, while educating them on the cultures the foods originated in. Each week a different meal and culture are selected. The students learn to read recipes, keep a clean kitchen, and how to measure, etc..

Arts and Crafts

Our Arts and Crafts clubs include, sewing, creative art, and recreative art.


Pastry class is an introductory pastry and baking class which provides students with an understanding of the ingredients and methods used in creating breads, pastries, cookies and other desserts. Students learn how to read recipes, measure ingredients and work in a small group with peers. They also learn how dairy, fruits, flour and chocolate come into play with pastry and baking. The fundamentals of basic decorating skills are covered. This pastry and baking class also introduces students to baking equipment and sanitation rules of the kitchen.

Girls Excelling in Math and Science (GEMS)

The GEMS spend half of the session working on logic math questions and puzzles and the other half of the session performing science experiments and/or STEM challenges. This a fun way to get girls excited about STEM and interested in a future STEM career.