2021 Summer Strides

The Troy City School District is excited to offer supplemental summer programming with everything from tutoring and counseling sessions to field trips and book clubs.

The “Summer Strides Program” is free to Troy CSD students entering Grades K – 12. The program is designed to provide support for students in many areas outside of the traditional classroom setting to help meet academic and social-emotional needs before the new school year. This program is in addition to the traditional summer school programs offered by the district.

Register by June 18!

Josh Monk, Summer Strides Principal


 July 8 to August 13 – flexible meeting times, both in-person and virtually. 

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Activities and Projects

Targeted Intervention, Tutoring, Mentoring

Offered to students in grades K-12. Students will receive one-on-one or small-group targeted intervention for specific academic areas. Time and days will vary depending on each student and grade level.


Small-Group Course Credit Recovery (up to 1 credit)

Offered to students in grades 6-12. Students may participate in up to 1 course to gain course credit. (Separate from traditional full-day summer school)


Counseling Sessions

School counselors and/or social workers will meet regularly with students.


Book Clubs/Reading Groups

Offered to all students. Students will participate in small group book reading.


Kindergaren “Boot Camp”

Offered to incoming Kindergarten students to help prepare them for the fall.


Extracurricular Activities/Clubs – Academic Focused Projects, Music and Performing Arts

Offered to students in grades 1-12. There will be a variety of clubs and enrichment activities that students can participate in. Activities will be academically focused and include performing arts.


Virtual Field Trips to Museums

Students can participate in virtual field trips to museums around the world.


College/Business Visits and Career Exploration.

Offered to students in grades 9-12. Students can participate in visits to colleges and businesses. Students can learn more about future college and career opportunities.