Elementary After School Program FAQ

2021-2022 Troy CSD Elementary After School Program

Q:           Is there a fee for my child to attend the program?
A:            There is no cost for students to attend the program.

Q:           Will each Elementary School have a program?
A:            Yes.  Students will stay in their own buildings to attend the after-school program.

Q:           What time will the program run?
A:            The program runs Monday – Thursday, from dismissal until 4:15 p.m. each day school is in session.

Q:           Does the program have a defined schedule that includes homework time?        
A:            Yes. There will be an academic/homework component built into the schedule.

Q:           Who may apply for the program?
A:            Any TCSD student in Grades K – 5 may sign up.

Q:           If school is closed because of weather, is the program canceled as well?
A:            If school is closed, there is no program.  If the school district cancels afterschool activities or closes early due to weather, the program is canceled as well.

Q:           What happens on early dismissal days?
A:            There will be no program on early dismissal days, parent-teacher conference days and faculty meeting days. Full schedule to be shared with families.

Q:           If my child leaves the program, can we return to regular after-school transportation?
A:            Yes.

Q:           Are there an unlimited number of spots in the program?
A:            No.  We have a maximum number of spots available at each site.  If more applications are received than available spots, each site will have a wait list.