District Procedure for Channeling of Parent Concerns

The Board believes that concerns are handled best when resolved as close to their origins as possible. School personnel should be given every opportunity to consider the issues and to resolve the problems. Please follow the proper channeling of concerns as listed below:


  • THE TEACHER: If there is a concern about something in the classroom, parents/guardians should meet with the teacher first. Communication at this level often resolves the matter.
  • THE PRINCIPAL: If there is a concern about general school operations and policies, or if meeting with a teacher is either inappropriate or does not help, parents/guardians should then meet with the building Principal or Assistant Principal.
  • THE SUPERINTENDENT: If the concern involves school district operations generally or if the teacher and the Principal are not able to resolve the problem satisfactorily, the parent/guardian should contact the Superintendent’s office to address the concern. The Superintendent may be the most appropriate person to respond to your concern, or he may refer you to other District personnel who may be a better resource to address your concern such as:
    • Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources, 518-328-5041
    • Deputy Superintendent, 518-328-5062
    • Assistant Superintendent for Business, 518-328-5005
    • Transportation Coordinator, 518-328-5439
    • Pupil Services, 518-328-5006
    • Athletics Department, 518-328-5417
  • THE BOARD OF EDUCATION: If the concern is directly related to Board actions or operations, parents/guardians may address the Board directly through the Clerk of the Board or contact the Superintendent’s office. If the parent/guardian has made an attempt to resolve the matter at other levels and has not been satisfied with the response(s), the concern may be brought to the attention of the Board of Education through correspondence to the Board Clerk.

For more information about the procedures for dealing with complaints, please refer to the State Education Department website at http://www.nysed.gov/essa/new-york-state-essa-funded-programs-complaint-procedures.

If your concern remains unresolved, complaints/appeals regarding Title I may be sent to: CONAPPTA@nysed.gov with “COMPLAINT” in the subject line of the email, or mailed to NYSED at the following address:

New York State Education Department
Office of ESSA Funded Programs
Attention: Complaint Coordinator
89 Washington Avenue, Room 320EB
Albany, New York 12234

Parties dissatisfied with the State Education Department’s complaint resolution may file an appeal directly with the United States Department of Education at:

United States Department of Education
Compensatory Education Programs
400 Maryland Avenue, S.W.
Room 3W230, FOB #6
Washington, D.C. 20202-6132

Download this document as a PDF here.