2021-2022 Budget

Troy City School District residents approve budget, capital reserve, and elect Board members


Official Results

Official results of the 2021-2022 Budget Vote and Board of Education Election. 


budget highlights

Polling Sites

SCHOOL 2 – 470 Tenth Street
SCHOOL 12 – 475 First Street
SCHOOL 14 – 1700 Tibbits Avenue
SCHOOL 16 – 40 Collins Avenue
SCHOOL 18 – 412 Hoosick Street
CARROLL HILL SCHOOL – 112 Delaware Avenue

Find your polling location.
Poll Hours 7:30 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Call 518-328-5070 if you have questions about your polling location.


Voter Eligibility

You are an eligible voter if you are:

  • A legal US citizen
  • 18 years old
  • Live within the Troy City School District boundaries for at least 30 days prior to May 18, 2021.


Absentee Ballots

This year’s vote will be in person, unlike in 2020 where ballots were mailed to voters. Applications for Absentee Ballots are available.  If you are unable to vote in person on May 18 due to COVID-19 or for any other reason, please request an Application for Absentee Ballot from the BOE Office at 328-5062 or boe@troycsd.org.  Applications must be received at least 7 days before the election if the ballot is to be mailed to the voter, or 1 day before if the ballot is to be delivered personally to the voter.


Board of Education Election

Board Candidates headshotsSeven candidates are running for three seats on the Troy City School District’s Board of Education on May 18, 2021. The three candidates will be elected to three-year terms commencing on July 1, 2021, and expiring on June 30, 2024.  The candidates are listed below in the order in which they will appear on the ballot:

  • Tysha Tyson-Laboy
  • Shawnna Case
  • Stephanie Fitch (incumbent)
  • Donny Miller
  • Matthew Flowers, Jr. (incumbent)
  • Carol Harvin
  • Elizabeth Poleto (incumbent)

The “Meet the Candidates Night” was held on Wednesday, May 5. View the recording and get to know the candidates by clicking here. 

Visit our Board Candidates page to learn more about the candidates. 



Troy CSD Board adopts budget, proposes 0% tax levy increase


Budget Hearing Presentation – May 5, 2021

Budget Presentation – Draft 2 – April 14, 2021 

Budget Presentation – Draft 1 – March 17, 2021

Budget Development Report – February 24, 2021


Presentation Schedule

May 5, 2021
Budget Hearing and Meet the Candidates, 6:30 p.m.
Live Stream Link:  https://stream.meet.google.com/stream/4e3170b4-804c-4ae5-b468-34cd5c63706d
To view the live stream you may need to log in with the following Google credentials:
Username:  meet@troycsd.org
Password:  MayMeet

May 10, 2021
School 2 PTO Presentation, 3:45 p.m.
School 14 PTA Presentation, 6 p.m.
Carroll Hill School PTO Presentation, 6:30 p.m.

May 13, 2021
School 18 PTA Presentation, 6 p.m.
School 16 PTA Presentation, 6:30 p.m.


2021-2022 Budget Newsletter/Budget Notice

2021-2022 Budget Newsletter and Budget Notice


2021-2022 Budget Statement

2021-2022 Budget Statement


Budget Development Calendar

February 24, 6 p.m.
Budget Discussions (Tax Cap, Projected Budget, Advocacy, Governor’s Proposal)

March 17, 5 p.m.
Budget Discussions – Draft 1

April 14, 6:30 p.m.
Budget Discussions – Draft 2

April 20, 6 p.m.
Adopt Budget

April 26
Property Tax Report Card/Administrator Salary Disclosure due – Final budget available to public.

May 5, 6:30 p.m.
Town Hall Budget Hearing/ Meet the Candidates Night

May 7
Mail Budget Newsletter with Budget Notice

May 18

May 19
Certify Budget Vote