Technology Tips for Remote Learning

Logging On

Students will use their Troy Google account to access all things Google – Classroom, Gmail, Meet, Chromebook log in, Drive, Slides, etc. This is what will also log you into your Troy Clever Account where you can find your schedule and teacher assignments. This is also where elementary students can access SeeSaw – the platform used for elementary remote learning.

Secondary Remote and Hybrid Learners – please check your Troy Gmail and Google Classroom for correspondence from your teachers about when, where and how to log on for class.


Password:All Troy Google passwords were reset to your 6 digit birthday (month, day, year)
(Example: My birthday is March 5, 2010, my password is 030510)
You can reset your password

For additional information on how to log on, please view the below presentation created by our Technology Department or click here. 

If you need assistance logging on, please contact your teacher. You can find your teacher’s email on your school’s website staff directory.


Daily Preparation – Remote Learning Etiquette

  • Find a quiet spot without distractions of family members, pets etc. in the background.
  • Be prepared with a charged Chromebook and any materials needed that day.
  • Food, drinks, and toys should not be present during instruction. Scheduled time for this after direct learning occurs to help students stay focused.
  • Punctuality with Google Meets and assignments is important.
  • Camera’s should be on, microphones off
  • Background noise and distractions can be heard by all on a Google Meet. Even when a child is using headphones, the microphone will pick up background noises and conversations. Please be mindful of this.
  • It is very beneficial for students to use headsets or earbuds while working in a Google Meet. Teachers and students can easily hear background noise while on Meets and having earphones will minimize this issue. Please be mindful of background noise while students are in Meets. Even with earphones, background noise such as TVs, siblings, music, etc. can be heard.

Connecting to wifi at home

To automatically connect to your home Wi-Fi when on your Chromebook, please follow these steps

  • Click on the time in the bottom right corner
  • Click on Settings (looks like a gear at top right)
  • Under Network box, click on arrow (to the right) for your Wi-Fi
  • Find your Wi-Fi (should be on top of the list)
  • Click on arrow on the right for your Wi-Fi
  • Click on prefer this Network
  • Click on Automatically connect to the network

Have an issue? Try removing the user and then re-adding them


Accessing Clever from home

Click here to learn how to access Clever. 


Logging in to Clever on an iPad


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Student Login Procedures through Chrome Browser & Clever