Syncing Directions

Directions on syncing the Troy CSD Google calendar to other personal calendars below. To sync to specific school calendars, swap out the URL with any one of the following:


School 2 –

School 14 –

School 16 –

School 18 –



School 12 (ALP) –


Google Calendar

Android Phone

It is a two-step process to subscribe to a Google Calendar on an Android phone.

  • The first step is to complete the Google Calendar instructions listed above.
  • The second step os to sync this calendar to your Android phone as follows:
    • In your Android phone, open the Calendar App
    • From the Calendar App menu icon, go to Settings and confirm that the Google account you used to subscribe to the calendar is checked
    • Select Sync Now
    • Note that you may need to select the Google account calendar, and fo to Other Calendars to confirm that the subscribed caledar is checked – by defauls, Other Calendars may not be checked

iOS iPhone / iOS iPad

Mac OS

Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Outlook 2010

Yahoo! Calendar