When is the vote?

Tuesday, December 3, 2019, 7:30 a.m. – 8 p.m.


Where do I vote?

Polling locations are at Carroll Hill School, School 2, School 12, School 14, School 16 and School 18. Find your polling location here.


How will this affect my taxes?

The proposed plan will have no impact on the current tax levy. The local share (that is referenced on the ballot) will be covered by the Capital Reserve and retiring debt.


Why is the District purchasing another building?

The District is purchasing the Neff Center from Sage so that we can expand our programs and services to our most at-risk students. This purchase will also free up space at School 12 which will then be used as swing space for the School 18 and School 16 projects. We continue to see enrollment growth at the elementary and middle school levels. The purchase of this building would allow us to plan for the future and to provide appropriate space for our students.


How much will the purchase of the building cost?

The District plans to purchase the building for $1.1 million. The District will be reimbursed $935,000 in State Aid, making the total net cost $165,000.


When will the students at School 18 and School 16 be moving to School 12?

While the timeline is subject to change, we anticipate that School 18 students and staff will be temporarily relocated to School 12 during the 2022-2023 school year. School 16 students and staff will be temporarily relocated to School 12 during the 2023-2024 school year.


Why does the plan move the Buildings and Grounds Department to School 14?

In order to create more space at the Tech Wing for additional programs, the District must relocate the Buildings and Grounds Department that is currently housed there. The District has planned to move the department to School 14 where this is unused space (pool area), while still keeping the department on the central location of the main campus. The project will include the creation of a separate access road and entrance at School 14 for the department.


Why is the District holding the vote on December 3 and not during the General Election or during its Budget Vote?

The General Election day has different voting sites/districts than a school election. Therefore, voters would potentially need to vote at two different sites on a single day.  In addition, school elections use the County voting machines, so no additional machines would be available at sites that are not general election polling places.

The District was also waiting on preliminary NYSED approval to move forward with the project. This, coupled with school law that requires a 45-day notice to voters, pushed us past election day. If the District waited until May for the Budget Vote, we would lose an entire six months in the construction schedule.


Has the District taken into consideration changes to enrollment?

Yes. Many school districts in the area are seeing declining enrollment, but the Troy City School District is not one of them. The District is planning for the future which is why we are seeking to add more space. Currently, our high school grade levels are around 275 students, but our middle school and district-wide elementary grade levels are reaching 300 and up. We are at or near capacity in almost every building.