Troy-AP Girls Varsity Swim won their first dual meet of the season yesterday against Shaker!


  • R. O’Brien and G. Dunbar 1, 2’d the 200 freestyle with consecutive times of 2:02.04 and 2:08.06
  • A. MacLeod won the 200 IM against Shaker with a time of 2:22.7
  • G. Dunbar and E. Antolick 1, 2’d the 500 freestyle  with consecutive times of 5:41.06 and 6:04.56
  • R. O’Brien, C. Thompson, A. MacLeod and G. Dunbar won the 200 Freestyle relay twith a final time of 1:52.30
  • R. O’Brien and E. Oathout 1, 2’d the 100 backstroke with consecutive times of 1:01.67 and 1:13.43
  • TAP 1, 2’d the 400 freestyle relay  – L. Agro, G. Dunbar, C. Delair, & R. O’Brien swam the relay in 2:06.00 and M. Bisceglia, M. Dubar, K. Bradley, & E. Antolick in 4:31.20

Great work to all the athletes who competed! TAP’s next meet is 9/13, at home vs. Saratoga.

#TheseHorsesFly #TheseHorsesSwim