photo of several children sitting around a table with a display of information about Honduras

Troy CSD English Language Learners held a cultural expo at Troy Middle School for ELL students at School 14.

Yesterday, English Language Learners (ELLs) from Troy High School and Troy Middle School shared 10-minute presentations for third and fourth-grade ELLs from School 14 showcasing the culture of their home countries. The presentations represented Ukraine, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Mexico, Brazil, Honduras,  Ivory Coast, Qatar, Yemen and Puerto Rico.
Students brought in traditional outfits and activities, as well as shared music, dance and various foods for students to sample! Some highlights were: learning to play soccer, henna tattoos, merengue dancing, tamale and candied date tasting, learning to write in Ukrainian and Arabic, learning about 3 Kings Day and St. Nicholas Day, and decorating sugar skulls! School 14 students received a passport booklet to collect stickers from the different countries they visited.