2nd Graders at Carroll Hill created a class monster and a set of instructions for a class in Orchard Park, NY to recreate it.

2nd Graders in Ms. Murray and Ms. Cartwright’s class at Carroll Hill participated in the 2022 Monster Match facilitated by the NYS Distance Learning Consortium and Center for Instruction, Technology & Innovation!
Our students connected with a 1st Grade class at Ellicott Elementary School in the Orchard Park Central School District, near Buffalo.
Designed for students in Kindergarten through 3rd grade, the project connects students with partners in another part of the state to practice following directions, reading, writing, collaborating, speaking and listening skills through an interactive videoconferencing project.
Each class created a monster using materials such as construction paper, glue, newspaper, cardboard, balloons, string, etc. and wrote a description and a set of instructions to share with their partner class. Each class then recreated their partner’s monster using only the written description and instructions.
On the videoconference, the students compared each version of their monsters, discussing similarities and differences and how the descriptions and instructions were written and interpreted.