Students at School 2 show off some of their new books along with representatives from Mainfreight and Principal Amanda Klopott.

On February 17, students at School 2 took part in a favorite school event – the book fair. This book fair was different from what many would expect, however. All the books were donated as part of the Books in Homes USA program, sponsored locally by Mainfreight in Latham.

Each student selected three books to take home at no cost, thanks to the generosity of Mainfreight, who paid for more than 1,500 books for School 2 students. Each of the company’s 200-plus branches around the world donated books to schools in their area.

Bryce Hicks, International Branch Manager for Mainfrieight, said the company chose this organization because of the importance of reading and literacy for young children.

“Having three young kids of my own, having them be able to read books, every kid deserves to have access to books. The basis for success is reading, just having that education and literacy is important at an early age.”

The whole School 2 community was excited to be able to offer this to our students.

“We are all so grateful to Mainfreight for choosing School 2 to benefit from this wonderful act of generosity. We have a big focus on literacy in our school, and each of our students being able to choose several books to take home is a huge win. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Mainfreight in the future.” said Principal Amanda Klopott.

To learn more about Books in Home USA, visit their website