Mrs. ConnollyMaryGerard Connolly is one of our amazing tutors here at School 12. Our students rave about Mrs. Connolly because she does so much more than just helping them with their work in class. She offers any time she has during the day to help students with work they’re struggling with in class, sends students an encouraging message to help motivate them to be their best, and truly wants to see every student be the best they can be. Mrs. Connolly even spends time on the weekends trying to reach out to students that really need extra help. If you can’t find Mrs. Connolly during the day, she’s probably either taking a student for a walk and helping talk them through an issue, or she’s out of the building meeting with a student to help them with their work. Mrs. Connolly is such a valued member of our School 12 family because of all she has to offer our students. Thank you so much for everything you do Mrs. Connolly!
Jill CaseyJill Casey is the bubbly energetic tutor whose relentless persistence wins over the students who are a little reluctant to get their work completed. She also may be the fastest talker amongst both students and staff. More than often a student will be informed of missing work and immediately yell out “JILL!” The students of PS12 know Jill will be with them every step of the way with difficult assignments and always be willing to break up the monotony with some conversation. They know Jill asks questions because she cares, and it’s this student-educator relationship that produces the academic successes needed to pass core classes. Jill offsets her go go go mindset with a foundation of patience and understanding, always taking time to make sure students thoroughly comprehend the assignments they’re doing. Tutors like this are the reason why PS12 can make students who initially resist education succeed. If there’s anyone who encompasses what it takes to work at PS12, it’s Jill. We love you Jill!