Marissa CalcuttiIntroducing Marissa Calcutti! This is Marissa’s 1st year teaching and we are lucky enough to have her teaching Math to students in grades 8, 9 and 10. Two of our lovely 10th graders, Ty’Nayzha and Zerenity, had some questions for Ms. Calcutti.

Q: What is something you love about School 12
A: The people! My colleagues and students! When the pandemic was really bad, the people here made it better.


Q: What is something you will always remember from your 1st year?
A: Teaching is a work of heart. My 1st year teaching in a pandemic has been difficult but having the opportunity to build strong relationships and rapport with my students makes all the long hours worth it.


Q: What are your favorite things about the students at School 12?
A:   Their jokes, their warmth and their caring nature for each other.

Q: What do you do in your spare time?
A: Lesson plan, lesson plan, lesson plan! I also drink a lot of coffee, eat a lot of ice cream, see my family and friends, talk to friends on the phone, shop, and I am trying to get a puppy. I also love to spend time with my Godson.