The Governor’s office, NYSPHSAA, and the Department of Health have set guidelines for the return to interscholastic activities, which began on September 21, 2020. Although we are excited to return to play, the guidelines include some restrictions for spectators. The Suburban Council has decided to set up a system that we hope will make attending games not only enjoyable but also efficient and safe for parents, officials, coaches and players.

Each player will receive two spectator badges that will be the entry pass for Troy home and away games. It is up to each individual family to decide who will attend each game. It does not matter who attends, as long as they have a badge on they will be allowed entry. When you arrive at a game, you will need to identify the player with whom you are associated. If there are more than two people attempting to attend to support the same player, only two will be allowed in. This goes for away games as well. Also, please be aware that some schools may be using systems that will allow them to track who has attended each game. That may include you providing your name and address in writing, as well QR code on your phone. Albany is not allowing any spectators at all for any contests.

Once you are in, we will have marked spaces for you to sit in the bleachers. We ask that you arrive with a mask on and keep it on as you move throughout the facility. Once you find your marked seat, feel free to remove your mask and enjoy the game. The marks on our bleachers will be distances safe enough for all in attendance.

To view the full athletic schedule, please visit: