Students will come into school on the dates that correspond with their color group:

*Please note, the two calendars above are identical with the exception of the blocked-out dates for Regents’ Exams on the THS Calendar.

If you need to change your child’s group due to an extenuating circumstance, like shared child care or transportation needs, please contact your child’s school immediately.

Secondary Hybrid Grouping

Many of you have asked how the groups will be split for Troy Middle School and Troy High School. Generally, each grade has been split alphabetically by last name, although exceptions are being made as mentioned above as well as to ensure our class sizes remain low:

TMS – all

  • A-L Purple; M-Z Gold


  • Grade 9: A-J Purple; K-Z Gold
  • Grade 10: A-J Purple; K-Z Gold
  • Grade 11: A-L Purple; M-Z Gold
  • Grade 12: A-J Purple; K-Z Gold