School 16 will be holding a staff car parade on Tuesday, April 28 at 10 a.m. to show all of you how much we miss and care about you. We would love to see you holding signs and waving to us as we drive around your neighborhood. 

Please remember we must be safe while doing this and we need to keep a social distance. We cannot, under any circumstances, allow the children to come up to the vehicles in the parade. We cannot make stops and we must do our best to keep moving at a slow and steady pace. Participants may not leave their vehicles or throw items to the students (candy, etc.).

The parade will begin and end at School 16.  The route can be found below (route subject to change):

ps16 parade route


  1. Start at School 16 back parking lot (Collins Ave)
  2. Right onto Collins Ave to Maple Ave
  3. Take left onto Maple Ave to Pinewoods Ave
  4. Right onto Pinewoods Ave to Central Ave
  5. Right onto Central Ave to Spring Ave
  6. Left onto Spring Ave to Mt. View Ave
  7. Right onto Mt. View Ave to Pawling Ave
  8. Right onto Pawling Ave to Spring Ave 
  9. Stay to the left onto Campbell Ave to Vandenburgh Ave 
  10. Left onto Vandenburgh Ave to Morrison Ave 
  11. Right onto Morrison Ave to Cottage St
  12. Left onto Cottage St to Marvin Ave 
  13. Left onto Marvin Ave to John St 
  14. Right onto John St to Stowe Ave 
  15. Right onto Stowe Ave to Cottage St 
  16. Right onto Cottage St back to Morrison Ave 
  17. Right onto Morrison Ave to Crestwood Ave 
  18. Right onto Crestwood Ave to Hadden Lane 
  19. Left onto Hadden Lane to Brentwood Ave
  20. Left onto Brentwood Ave to Morrison Ave
  21. Right onto Morrison Ave to Vandenburgh Ave
  22. Left onto Vandenburgh Ave to Campbell Ave 
  23. Right onto Campbell Ave to Sherman Ave 
  24. Right onto Sherman Ave to Donegal Ave 
  25. Left onto Donegal Ave to Campbell Ave 
  26. Right onto Campbell Ave to Wynantskill Way 
  27. Right onto Wynantskill Way to Granite Lane
  28. Left onto Granite Lane to Cobblestone Lane back to Wynantskill way back out to Campbell Ave 
  29. Right onto Campbell Ave to Spring then to Maple Ave 
  30. Left onto Maple Ave to Pawling Ave 
  31. Left onto Pawling Ave to Collins Ave back to School 16 End of Parade Route