RPI’s Justin Gaskin (center) is shown with students in the Troy Java programming course:  Stephan Warner,left, Ryan Hoag, Jake Dauphinauis, Adam Yousef (front), JaSai’ Johnston, Nikita Padunin, and Jamaal Jackson.  Gaskin will also be teaching “Summer Computers for Kids,” to Troy youth this summer working for Troy United Ministries.

RPI’s Coding & Community Club has taken an interest in the young programmers at Troy High School. Eight students from RPI have provided coding support in three different sections of Introductory and Java programming. Students visit classes five times per week.  During class they help students solve coding challenges and fix bugs in their programs.  The RPI students also discuss their own experiences, internships, and job outlook with the Troy teens.

The support from the RPI undergrads means that Troy students can get almost immediate assistance which gives everyone more confidence in their work.