During the April 11 Board of Education meeting, Superintendent John Carmello presented the third and final draft of the proposed 2017-2018 budget. The total budget is $111,893,389. The plan maintains all academic programs and includes no staff layoffs.

The District’s allowable tax cap is 1.88%, and the proposal will seek a tax levy increase lower than the cap for the fourth consecutive year. Carmello presented three possible increases, all of which would include the appropriation of a portion of the fund balance to the budget. Possible tax levy increases include 1.27%, 1.54%, and 1.82%. Each option comes with the appropriation of the following fund amount of fund balance respectively: $350,000, $450,000 and $550,000.

With a 1.27% tax levy increase, a typical homeowner would see their annual school tax bill increase by $39. With a 1.82% increase, their bill would increase by $60.

Changes from earlier drafts of the budget include included teacher retirement breakage/ attrition and prescription rate increases reduced by 4.5%. The District also received an additional $444,970 in Foundation Aid.

The Board will choose a tax levy increase on Tuesday, April 17, and will likely adopt the budget at that time.

Residents will vote on the proposed budget and Board of Education election on Tuesday, May 15.

View Superintendent John Carmello’s Draft 3 presentation.