The three girls who won the spelling bee holding their certificatesOn January 4, students in Grades 4 – 8 from all five elementary schools and Troy Middle School competed in the annual Troy City School District Spelling Bee. These students advanced from their building-level competition to compete among their peers.

The winners of the Spelling Bee are all from Troy Middle School:

  • 1st Place: Elisabeth McDonald
  • 2nd Place: Angela Munao
  • 3rd Place: Inari Sohn

Elisabeth McDonald and Angela Munao were also the first and second place winners last year. All three winners advance to the Capital Region BOCES Spelling Bee on February 13 at Proctors Theater in Schenectady.

All 23 participants of the Spelling Bee sitting in chairs on the stage.




A full list of Troy CSD Spelling Bee participants are listed below:

Troy Middle School
  • Kyle Debetta
  • Rahsiya Dukes
  • Satya Grogg
  • Nelson Hale
  • Antonio Hood
  • Elisabeth McDonald
  • Greg Mosca
  • Angela Muao
  • Sebastian Ordonez
  • Christian Rasmussen
  • Sydney Raynor
  • Dreven Sesay
  • Inari Sohn
School 2
  • Danteya Gourrier-Lewis
  • Jennifer Wescott
School 14
  • X’zevious Broadus
  • Soorya Thiagarajan
School 16
  • Olivia Ashline
  • Sophie Schwartz
School 18
  • Vincent Adams
  • Ava Mamone
Carroll Hill School
  • Anthony Egan
  • Christian O’Reilly