The New York State Education Department released the 2016 Graduation Rates last week. At 83 percent, Troy High School is up 7 percentage points from 2015. Troy High School is also 4 percentage points above the statewide graduation rate, and 12.3 percentage points above the statewide average for urban-suburban high needs districts. See complete data at

In addition, the achievement gap between white students and minority students is now virtually non-existent. The 2016 rate for white students is 84 percent; black students is 85 percent; and Hispanic students are at 89 percent.

Part of this achievement is thanks to the District’s efficacy mission it adopted three years ago. This includes changing the mindset of students that they do, indeed, have the ability to be successful. This success is achieved through hard work and determination.

“A huge part of whether students succeed is whether they believe they can in the first place,” said Superintendent John Carmello.

Times Union: District narrows graduation gap; Troy minority students make most notable gains