9 – Activities List

Counselors encourage every student to prepare an Activities List (Resume) that will become part of the College Application or Scholarship Packet. A “sharp” looking activities list really can add to the application. Below you will find 3 samples that were used by former students. Counselors encourage you to adapt one of these 3 Activities Lists to your own needs or create a unique one for yourself.


Sample A

John C. Doe
123 Main Street
Troy, NY 12180
S.S. #123-45-6789
Leadership positions and offices held for school, community by volunteer activities:
Cultural Alliance Vice President(11, 12)
Spanish Club Vice President(12)
Golf Captain(11)
School Musical Co-Leading Star(11)
Memberships and other participation in school, community and volunteer activities:
Student Council(11, 12)
Senior Executive Board(12)
Peer leadership(11, 12)
Key Club(10, 11, 12)
Spanish Club(10, 11, 12)
Cultural Alliance(11, 12)
School Musical(11)
Tennis(9, 10, 11)
Golf(10, 11)
Volunteer Work at Hospital (Nurse’s Assistant in the Emergency Room)(12)
After School Work (Bus Person at Casey’s East Restaurant)(10, 11, 12)
Honors and awards received during high school:
Honor Society(10, 11, 12)
Honor Roll(9, 10, 11, 12)
Tennis Varsity Letter(9, 10, 11)
Golf Varsity Letter(10, 11)


Sample B

John C. Doe
S.S. #123-45-6789
Honors/AwardsYearsHrs/WkOffices Held
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute124 hr
Kauffman Foundation Entreprep
National Honor Society11, 121 hrTreasurer 12
Christian Leadership Institute112 weeks
Club Activities
Italian Club9,10,11,121/2 hrPublic Relations 11
Music Club9,10,11,121/2 hrTreasurer 10, 11
Drama Club9,10,11,121 hr
Student Council10,11,121/2 hrVice President 11
Music Activities
All County Choir9, 111 hr
Concert Choir9,10,11,123 hrs
Pep Band9,10,11,123 hrs
Marching Band9,10,11,121/2 hr
Play and Musical Productions9,10,11,122 hrsMajor Part
Cross Country9,10,11,1215 hrsCaptain 11, 12
Indoor Track10,11,1215 hrsRecord Holder 11,12
Softball9,10,11,1220 hrsCo-captain 10, 12
Big Ten 1st Team All-Star
Community Activities
Piano and Clarinet Lessons9,10,11,125 hrs
Food Pantry Volunteer9,10,11,121 hr
Church Council Member9,10,11,121/2 hr
Work Experience
Bella Napoli Bakery9,10,11,1224 hrs
Babysitting9,10,11,121 1/2 hrs


Sample C

Mary C. Doe
S.S. #123-45-6789
Girls Varsity Soccer Co-Captain(12, 28 hours/month)
Girls Varsity Basketball Co-Captain(12, 28 hours/month)
Corresponding Secretary for National Honor Society(12, 4 hours/month)
Yearbook Section Editor(11, 12, 5 hours/month)
Calculus Student at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute(12, 24 hours/month)
Chemistry Student at Russell Sage College(12, 24 hours/month)
School Activities- Awards and Honors
French Club(9, 10, 11, 12, 1 hr/month)
Key Club(10, 11, 12, 2 hrs/month)
Students for Environmental Action(10,11,1 hour/month)
Students Against Drunk Driving(10,11,12, 2 hours/month)
Varsity Club(10,11,12, 1 hour/month)
Wind Ensemble(11, 16 hours/month)
Concert Band(9,10 16 hours/month)
Marching Band(9,10,11,12, 2 hrs/month)
PEP Band(10,11,12, 2 hrs/month)
JV Basketball(9,10, 28 hours/month)
Varsity Basketball(11,12, 28 hours/month)
JV Softball(9,10, 28 hours/month)
Varsity Softball(11,12, 28 hours/month)
Big-Ten Second-Team All-Star (Soccer)(12)
Big-Ten Honorable Mention All-Star (Soccer)(11)
Big-Ten Honorable Mention All-Star (Soccer) for The Record(12)
Honor Roll(9,10,11,12)
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute PREFACE Program Participant(11, 2 weeks)
School Trip to Ireland and England(10, 200 hours/month)
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Medal Winner(11)
Harvard Book Prize Winner(11)
Lois C. Smith Scholarship Winner for Russell Sage College(11)
National Honor Society(10,11,12, 2 hours/month)
Community and Volunteer Activities-Awards and Honors
Classie Lassie Girl’s Softball(9,10, 20 hours/months)
Kiwanis Club Volunteer(11, 12, 2 hours/months)
Red Cross Bloodmobile Volunteer(9,10,11,12, 6 hrs/months)
National Honor Society Peer Tutor(12, 5 hours, months)