Building Modernization Project

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“Because today’s students can’t be tomorrow’s leaders in yesterday’s buildings.”




On December 3, 2019 the Troy City School District community will vote on a proposition to authorize a $56 million capital project that will include necessary upgrades to nearly every building as well as the purchase of an additional building. The “Troy City School District Building Modernization Project” will be financed without impacting the current tax levy.

The Board of Education voted unanimously during the October 16, 2019 meeting to hold the special vote.

“The Building Modernization Project will improve our learning spaces throughout the district and address immediate and critical needs now so that they don’t become costly emergencies in the future,” said Superintendent John Carmello. “This project will also create additional learning spaces that will allow us to provide added supports for our students as well as to extend our program offerings in STEM.”

The project will address many of the items included in the 2015 Building Condition Survey sited as “immediate building needs.” These include but are not limited to: replacing the School 18 heating and ventilation systems; making School 16 ADA compliant; renovating the Troy High School Technology Wing to allow for expanded STEM programs and replacing its roof; creating classroom walls at School 14 for academic and security purposes; and replacing the windows at Carroll Hill School.

The project will also include the purchase of Sage’s Neff Center located on three parcels on 5th Avenue in Troy. The building will be renovated and transformed into the Troy Community School that will allow for the expansion of programs and services for the District’s students.

The majority of the $56 million project will be funded through the New York State Education Department State Building Aid. The remainder will be funded through the District’s Smart Schools Bond Act allocation, the Capital Reserve and retiring debt. This will allow the District to keep the tax levy at its current level.

“This project is expansive and intricate in that many of the pieces rely on one another to form the bigger picture,” said Carmello. “All pieces of the puzzle were considered in order to maximize state aid and other financing options so that we can continue to be good stewards to our taxpayers while providing the modern and safe buildings that our students need and deserve.”

If approved by voters, contractor bidding will begin in 2020. Renovations will begin during the summer of 2021 and continue through Summer 2024.

The proposition shall appear as follows:

Shall the bond resolution authorizing the Board of Education to acquire three (3) parcels of land located at 1000, 1010 and 1017 Fifth Avenue, Troy, New York, bearing the following tax map nos. 112.29-3-1, 112.21-13-5 and 112.21-12-3, and the buildings and improvements located thereon (the “Purchased Property”) and construct additions to and reconstruct such buildings, improvements and sites, renovate the existing Troy High School Technology Wing and related site work, construct minor additions to and reconstruct various District buildings, facilities, improvements and sites and acquire original furnishings, equipment, machinery or apparatus (the “Project”) at a maximum cost of $56,000,000 (including $1,100,000 for the Purchased Property), expend $3,952,424 from the Capital Reserve Fund, and providing that the cost of the Project (including the interest due on any District obligations), taking into account state aid and SMART SCHOOLS funds received, be raised by a tax levy to be collected in annual installments, with District obligations to be issued in anticipation thereof in an amount not to exceed $52,047,576, which obligations may be issued in excess of the District’s constitutional debt limit in accordance with the provisions of Section 4 of Article VIII of the New York State Constitution and paragraph c of Section 104 of the Local Finance Law, be approved?