District Goals

2018-19 District Goals

1. The number of students overall and for each sub-group measured for accountability achieving proficiency on Grades 3-8 ELA and Math scores will increase as follows, for the next five years:

  • 20% of our students who score at Level 1 will improve to levels 2, 3 and 4 the following year;
  • 20% of our students who score at Level 2 will improve to Levels 3 and 4 the following year.

2. Through improved student engagement in learning, development of citizenship values and use of behavioral interventions, violations of the student Code of Conduct will decline in each school by 5% each year, for the next five years.

3. The Regents diploma graduation rate from Troy High School will increase by 3% for each school year until it exceeds 90% and the number of students obtaining a Regents Diploma with Distinction will increase by 5% each year.

4. The Troy City School District establishes student achievement data analysis and data-driven instruction as a condition for new employment in a teaching or leadership position. The District will continue to enhance the use of data to inform our decision-making through formal, regular Data Feedback Strategy (DFS) meetings at all levels throughout the District.


Approved by Board of Education 8-29-18