Unless you received information in the mail with a Durham bus route, all Troy High School students needing transportation to and from school will be taking CDTA.

  • During the first week of school, students can ride the bus without a pass. Students will be provided a pass that will be good for any CDTA bus at any time until November 30. New passes will be disseminated before they expire.
  • Please see the initial bus schedule and map below. Please note, we understand this schedule and routes are not perfect but please be assured additional stops will be added and more specific times for each stop will be communicated as soon as possible.
  • Please arrive at your closest stop at 7:50 a.m. Drop off at Troy High School is 8:15 a.m.

Code of Conduct
CDTA Safety Guidelines
Route 802 Troy High School Trippers

Blue Line – Main – Williams – Pawling (Sign 8021)

Red Line – Stow – Griswold (Sign 8022)

Green Line – Mill – 4th
(Sign 8023)

Purple Line – North Troy (Sign 8024)

7:50 a.m. Main Ave & Atlantic Ave Stowe & Burke Mill & Erie River & 101st
Pawling Ave & Spring Ave Cottage Street Apt Burden & Cross River & Bond
Myrtle Ave Morrison Ave & Vandenburgh 4th St & St. Lukes River & North
Congress St & 15th St Vandenburgh Pl 4th & Tyler River & Rennselaer
Lark & Vandenburgh 4th & Lincoln River & Hoosick
Campbell & Donegal Avenue 4th & Jackson Hoosick & 5th
Campbell & Project Rd 4th & Monroe Hoosick & 6th
Midway Stop Project Rd 4th & Madison Hoosick & 10th
Project & Deleware 4th & Canal 120 Hoosick
Proj & Madison 4th & Jefferson Hoosick & 17th
Madison & Lark 4th & Adams
Myrtle Ave 4th & Liberty
Pawling & Walker 4th & Ferry
Pawling & Terrace 4th & Congress
Pawling & Pinewoods 4th & Fulton
32 Pawling Ave Federal & 5th
Pawling & Brunswick Federal & 6th
15th and Congress Burns Apt
Sage & 11 St

CDTA routes